Writing Workshops

Hello teachers, librarians, stewards of young minds!

Do you work with students who either love to write or have an aptitude for writing (whether or not they admit or know it)? One of the best things about being an author is being able to impart what I have learned to nascent writers– from the shyly reluctant, to the incredibly enthusiastic, to every writer in between–and, hopefully, give them the confidence to pursue their gift.

I offer creative writing workshops to small groups (maximum twenty) of students who self-select or are teacher/librarian-nominated.

My sessions can be tailor fit to the needs of the group, and span a breadth of craft topics from building solid plots to creating compelling characters to tightening prose.

I often tour with the Young Alberta Book Society’s Talebazers Festival in the fall, but am available year round for creative writing workshops.

Contact me here to discuss! I’ll provide rates, availability, and references.