Winterkill_COV_FinalSketches_BylineRev.jpgIN THE WOODS OUTSIDE EMMELINE’S SETTLEMENT, a powerful enemy lurks, one that wiped out much of the population generations ago. Inside the walls, Emmeline is watched for Waywardness—the rule-breaking behavior that sent her grandmother to her death.

Emmeline knows she shouldn’t go into the woods or seek answers to the questions no one will ask. When one of the settlement leaders asks for her hand, she could wipe the slate clean, ridding herself and her family of the Stain of her grandma’s crimes.

But there’s something out in the woods…and it’s calling to her.

R Ross Annett Award for Children’s Fiction winner (2014)

“An engrossing romance, set against a chillingly vivid repressive society. WINTERKILL will haunt you.”– Julie Berry, author of Carnegie-shortlisted All the Truth That’s in Me

 “Emmeline’s lyrical, deliberate first-person narrative builds deepening suspense as debut author Boorman cultivates an eerie atmosphere . . . . the promise of forthcoming volumes should keep antsy readers at bay.”—BOOKLIST

“Boorman’s frontier may be the stuff of myth, but her protagonist speaks directly and powerfully to a young adult experience.” —PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY




9781419716638.jpgCOUNCIL HAS FALLEN. THE THAW IS here. The world outside Emmeline’s fortification awaits. Urged on by her dreams, Emmeline sets out with her new friend Matisa and her beloved Kane, venturing into exhilarating wilderness, into freedom, into the unknown.

Into danger.

The secret that has secured peace for Matisa’s people for generations has been compromised. Newcomers are arriving, laying claim to the land and bringing unimagined horrors. Emmeline vows to help Matisa warn her people, but with new perils at every turn and the enemy closing in, she finds herself faced with an impossible choice: Forsake the friend who saved her life or abandon the boy she loves.

“A philosophical, ruminative adventure.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS



Heartfire_CV.jpegEMMELINE AND HER FRIENDS have arrived in the safety of Matisa’s valley. But trouble has followed.

Matisa’s people, once protected from a sickness that deterred newcomers, are now dying from the disease. Worse, Dominion soldiers are arriving with brutal weapons, claiming the land as their own. They’re also desperate for a cure.

To regain their upper hand and negotiate peace, Emmeline and Matisa must discover a new remedy for the sickness—fast. But their dreams reveal an unexpected path: they must return to the stifling settlement Emmeline was so desperate to leave.

With war on the horizon and dangers closing in, Emmeline must confront her past and risk her life to secure the future that burns in her heart.

“The theme of acceptance among different types of people in order to attain peace is strong, clear, and never more relevant.”— SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL