With the Thaw comes promise.

I put that idea in my secret heart and hold it there. I cling to the truth that this river's melt brings new life, new beginnings.



COUNCIL HAS FALLEN. THE THAW IS here. The world outside Emmeline’s fortification awaits. Urged on by her dreams, Emmeline sets out with her new friend Matisa and her beloved Kane, venturing into exhilarating wilderness, into freedom, into the unknown.

Into danger.

The secret that has secured peace for Matisa’s people for generations has been compromised. Newcomers are arriving, laying claim to the land and bringing unimagined horrors. Emmeline vows to help Matisa warn her people, but with new perils at every turn and the enemy closing in, she finds herself faced with an impossible choice:

Forsake the friend who saved her life or abandon the boy she loves.


"A philosophical, ruminative adventure" -- KIRKUS REVIEWS

"A gripping, dark story of survival" -- VOYA Magazine


DARKTHAW is book 2 of the WINTERKILL trilogy. Out in N. America Oct 13, 2015.



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