Me, Me, Me

Turns out I'm fairly useless at regular updates about myself/my book (there is a reason I don't blog or facebook). But bi-annual updates feel appropriate right now, because a steady stream of updates these past six months would've been a bit... one-note ("I'm writing").  And besides, my News page has been dedicated to interviews with some fantastic 2014 debuting authors (scroll down to listen!).

But here is a bit of fun News that is all about me/my book.


It's official! WINTERKILL will be a trilogy in N. America! 

Abrams/Amulet has acquired the N. American rights to publish books 2 and 3 in the WINTERKILL trilogy. These books were planned for UK/Commonwealth distribution since 2013 (published by Faber & Faber), and now they will be available to North American readers as well! I am so thrilled!


My book is a book! Being read by readers!

I was at ALA 2014 in June, enduring the scorching heat of Vegas (oh but first to temperate LA, where I met my agent-- he's so lovely, you want him as your agent, believe me) and I saw it in the hands of readers with my own eyes!  Abrams set up some wonderful author events for me, so I felt very loved. It was surreal to see ARCs of my book out in the wild. 

ARCs of my book!


The wild!




and on that note, my third bit of news is....



You are invited to my Launch Party!


Where: Audreys Books 10702 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB

When: Sunday, September 21st, 2pm

What: me, my book, edible things... it will be bookish and fun and maybe a bit creepy (because THE BOOK, not because me-- I hope?) 

If you live in my neck of the frozen north, please come and say hi!


Also, the past six months I have been chatting around the interwebs. If you're wondering what I've been chatting about, here are a few places you can find me...


Here, I talk about the Canadian preoccupation that shaped WINTERKILL.

Here, I talk about one of my first loved books that I realize, in retrospect, shaped my writing.

Here I talk about feeling like a fraud (and writing anyway).


And here's a vlog about my new and improved life (post book deal), which the good people at Abrams enjoyed and shared at a staff meeting (thereby securing in my mind that they are truly MY people):


Whew! Six months of news is lengthy! Imagine how long-winded I'll be after the book comes out? (less than one month-- did I mention that?)


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